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About Me

I started collecting license plates back in the early 80s after seeing an article in National Geographic World (I still have the issue) on collecting license plates. I attended several ALPCA meets in Ipswitch, Mass and ended up with a wide scattering of plates. I always had a great time at these meets, although my budget was somewhere in the five dollar range, collectors always would spend time and give away inexpensive plates. As typical of many children, collecting plates was soon replaced with school and sports. Fast forward twenty-five years when I was cleaning out the parents attic and stumbled over the box of plates. Digging through the box and the old Registers prompted me to start the hobby up again. This time around I decided to narrow my focus to low numbers. This quickly morphed into #1 plates and allowed me to display the entire collection on the basement walls. I soon ran into Bob Bittner at a Webster meet and stumbled over his Caribbean plates. As an avid sailor who has made numerous trips to the Carribean, I found the license plates from the Bahamas fascinating, as each issue is very unique. Thus was born the second focus of my collecting efforts.

Special Thanks

I'd like to pass a special thanks to a few people who have made this hobby possible.
Bob Bittner for the numerous stories and plates from his trips to the Bahamas.
Drew Stietz for his patience with my questions on #1 plates.
Erwin Aligam over at for the creation and use of the site template.